How to Use Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight

Yoga exercises are beneficial to your mind and body. While most exercises are clubbed with meditation; the exercises are beneficial to your physical as well as your mental health. Different exercises and forms of meditation help to take care of different aspects of your health. While some may not raise your heartbeat enough to help you to burn your fat; others that are specially designed to loose weight will help you to do just that. It all depends on the type of yoga exercises you perform and the frequency of performance.

Certain yoga exercises expect you to hold your position for long durations of time. This helps to tone muscles mass while loosing weight at the same time. The key to loosing weight by practicing yoga is to maintain a healthy well balanced diet at the same time. In order to start shedding the pounds you will need to work out for 90 minutes a day; three times a week. You can choose to combine yoga with walking, running or aerobics for results to show sooner.

What kinds of yoga exercises help you to lose weight?

Power yoga is an extremely popular form of yoga that helps in cardiovascular workouts as well.

Hot yoga is another form where the exercises are practices are done in a hot room and you are guaranteed to sweat your weight away. Ashtanga yoga is a form that is practices by veterans and is ideal for home practitioners. It is basically a practice leaning more on motivation, where you build self resonance to reach your own goal by over coming all odds.

Working out at home

On days when you are unable to attend class due to personal commitments, make sure you do your exercises at home. Buy a DVD of your favorite celebrity practicing their exercises and follow in the comfort of your own home.