7 Natural Cure To Wipeout s Wart


Warts are reaction less nodes on the outer skin and are evoked if the body is infected with Human papillomavirus.Usually, they do not harm but look really ugly. Therefore, anybody suffering from warts would prefer to cure the infection as early as possible.

Natural Cure To Wipeout Warts

One of the superb methods of getting rid of these warts is to use natural and herbal procedures. They are easily accessible and are almost free from side-effects. A couple of them used for clearing warts are shared in this article:

Use Of Natural Oils:

Natural oils are derived from various plant parts and are sold in markets, which make our work easier. They are spread directly on warts and the areas are wrapped with duct tapes or bandages for better performance. Tea tree oil, clove oil, castor oil, oil of oregano, etc., are some of the examples.

Clove oil

You can use tea tree oil for eliminating warts because of its anti-viral virtues. It is dabbed on to the infection everyday for two times at least. A same process is also adopted for putting the castor oil, but it is mixed with baking soda before applying. This oil is easily soaked up by the warts and makes them tender. Clove oil and oil of oregano also give similar benefits for wiping out warts within a few days.

Tea Tree Oil

Direct Application Of Natural Herbs:

Natural herbs are filled with loads of medicinal properties and are used in various ways. The easiest way of application is the direction application of these herbs. Examples of such herbs are garlic, dandelion, aloe vera, milkweed, etc.

Garlic is famous for its antiseptic qualities. The juice extracted from the crushed garlic is rubbed on the warts and kept tied with tape for at least a week. Aloe Vera juice is primarily used for curing any skin related ailments and so used for warts removal. This application should be repeated 2-3 times daily. It is known for its refreshing effect.


Similarly, you can also try out the milky fluid obtained from the dandelion root. You can even consume this as a tea for fighting with the disease from the inside. The juice pressed out from the milkweed herb is also rubbed on the eruptions.

Dandelion root

Use Of Raw Fruits And Vegetables:  

The best part of using raw fruits and vegetables is that they can be consumed as well as rubbed on the affected area. Some of them used for warts treatment are potato, lemon, onion, papaya, grapefruit, and pineapple.The inner white portion of the lemon peel is very effective for curing warts because of its germicidal properties. You can cover your rashes with these peels and let them stay in that state all night long.

Fruits And Vegetables

Raw potato and salted onion can also be applied on the affected areas to clean the warts. Continue these processes for a few weeks for a total cure. Some fruits like papaya, grapefruit and pineapple are beneficial too. Their juices must be poured on the warts and then bandaged for curing the infection.

Raw potato

Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is the best known remedy for curing warts. It is acidic in nature and thus weakens the wart root and finally dries them. You should put this solution all night long for several weeks to cure it permanently.

Apple Cider Vinegar