How Women can Control Night Sweats Naturally

Women suffer from night sweats for a couple of reasons. The syndrome is also known as ‘Sleep Hyperhidrosis’. The night sweats are similar to those that a woman goes through during menopause. The sweats are disruptive in almost all aspects of life and a woman can have a lot of difficulty in sleeping if she suffers with night sweats. It leads to an increase in body temperature, rise in blood pressure and severe headaches. Hormonal imbalances in the pre menopause stage, during menopause and pregnancy leads to night sweats.

It is not uncommon for younger women to suffer from night sweats during PMS. At this time the body is going to several changes and this leads to the body giving out heat or attempting to regulate the body temperature. In this way the body lets out sweat at night when it is least active. Other causes of night sweats may include infections, early stages of cancer, faulty medication or even hypoglycemia.

Simple remedies to prevent and cure night sweats

If you are in the menopause or PMS stage then the best and easiest way to prevent night sweats is to avoid spicy and oily foods. These are the common factors that lead to sweating profusely. In addition to these factors you also need to avoid eating red meats. Eat a balanced diet daily and don’t forget to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat these in the raw form as often as possible.

If you are eating salads then go easy on the dressings. Include a lot of cucumber in your diet. You must also eat plenty of watermelon. The fruit is an excellent source of water. Drink it in the form of a juice, blend it with milk to make a milkshake or smoothie or even try adding it as a topping to salads and desserts. Eat foods that are high in fiber content. You must also drink plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated. This helps to control the amount of perspiration at night.

Wear loose light and comfortable sleep wear. Though silk and satins are appealing you must avoid them as they worsen your condition. You must also get adequate exercise during the day.