How You can Treat Hives that Appear on your Face

Hives appear when your body has an allergic reaction to a particular food or any substance it has come in contact with. These rashes are normally red and they look unsightly.

They cause severe itching and can cause severe oozing if it is not treated. Though there is no way to cure a hive instantly there are several home remedies that you can try to reduce the intensity of the attack and reduce the duration of the attack.

One must remember that though the hives may cause a great degree of itching it is best to avoid scratching as it will cause a lot of harm. Itching the surface may lead to oozing and even further spread of the rash. Instead of rubbing your skin and causing it harm you need to use a cold compress on your skin.

Avoid applying ice directly on your skin; instead you can wrap ice cubes in a towel and dab it on your skin; once again rubbing will not help you and will cause further harm.

Soaking your body in a tub of oatmeal and water or soaking the affected part in oatmeal water will help to reduce the uneasiness caused by the rash. If the hives are on your face then make an oatmeal face pack and apply it on your face.

Calamine lotion is known to be extremely effective in getting rid of rashes caused by hives and any other allergies. Dab a generous amount of the lotion on your skin; do not spread it or blend it into your skin. The lotion will only reduce the itchiness; it is not a cure for the issue.

If the rash continues to cause havoc on your skin and does not persist after all the home remedies or if you begin to experience a grater amount of uneasiness then you should contact a doctor and inform them about your condition. Go to the emergency ward if necessary.

While you must try out these home remedies it is also very important for you to know the cause of the breakout to prevent any further attacks. Do not ingest any medication unless it is prescribed to you by a certified physician.