3 Ways To Use Mint For Good Health

3 Ways To Use Mint For Good Health

Mint, a widely available herb has a number of medicinal properties and helps to  promote good health. Mint has a total of 30 varities of which peppermint, spearmint, horse mint, summer mint, and catnip are most common.

Having a good digestion power is vital for good health. Some people chew mint leaves or peppermint after a heavy meal as they feel good. However, besides the good feeling mint helps to digest food better. We all experience a bad taste and have an upset stomach when we are down with flu. A few drops of mint added to boiling water with honey helps your stomach feel better. You could substitute mint drops by a few crushed mint leaves.

Mint To Reduce Headache

Even babies can feel better after a colic attack if they are given weakened solution of mint in water. Some other medicines that cannot be easily taken by babies could be mixed and given with mint water. So, it helps to promote good health in babies too.

Besides mint can be used to cure conditions like headache. Massaging peppermint oil onto the forehead helps relieve headache. Besides, stomachache can also be relieved by taking mint tea or chewing mint leaves. Mint helps even for muscle ache and for high blood pressure.

Mint promotes good health by providing relief from irritable bowel syndrome,diverticulitis, diarrhoea, heartburn, colic and cramps. Mint tea or mint oil helps to stimulate the flow of those digestive juices.

Mint For Diarrhoea

The use of mint for cure of respiratory problems cannot be overlooked. it can be used for inflammatory conditions like fever, cough and cold. Peppermint is used in cough syrups. Mint put in boiling water can be inhaled to clear nasal and sinus congestion. This helps us have a good health.

Mint promotes relaxation to overcome stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. It stimulate blood circulation. Mint can be added to hot water to dip your feet when they are tired and need relaxation. Relaxation helps promote good health and makes a person more active .The smell of mint helps to stimulate brain activity  helping cure depression, increasesing concentration and decreasing anger and agitation. So, it helps have good mental health too.

Mint For Sleeplessness

To conclude, I would like to add that make it a habit to include mint to your daily diet. Mint can be made into tasty chutneys, soups, rice preperations and also eaten as a salad. It would also be best to substitute your daily tea by mint tea and feel better. I am sure you would then be marching towards good health.

Ways To Use Mint For Good Health