Hygienic remedies to prevent infections

Hygiene is the knowledge that helps with the preservation and encouragement of health. It is the science that deals with protective medicine and safeguarding of health. There are a number of ways in preventing infection. Just by following some simple techniques at home and at work, one can prevent infections from our day to day life.Washing hands: It is the easiest way of preventing infections. Frequent hand washing is the best achievable way to avoid getting sick and spreading illness.

When one touches people, objects and surfaces throughout the day, he constantly goes on accumulating germs in his hands. Touching the eyes, nose and mouth with the same hands can cause infection to these parts of the body.

Although it is impossible to keep the hands’ germs free, frequent washing of the hands can help in limiting the virus, microbes and bacteria from being transferred from the hands to the other parts of the body. Washing hand is very simple, and it requires only soap and some water but at the same time, it is very sanitizing.

Combating respiratory illness: People who are suffering from respiratory illness must wear masks to prevent infectious droplets and arsenals from spreading.

One must also refrain from talking or laughing out loud in crowded places or in confined places like lifts. If this simple yet useful hygiene is performed and maintained, then the number of respiratory infections will drop significantly and the illness can be combated efficiently.

Covering mouth and nose: One must always cover the nose and the mouth while sneezing and coughing in order to prevent the germs from spreading to the nearby persons. This is a very valuable and handy way of averting and dealing with the spreading of infections.

Tissue paper: Tissue papers must be used to discharge sputum or nasal discharge. It should be disposed properly and hands must be washed thoroughly before starting any other work. One must always have the habit of keeping and using the tissue papers as and when required as proper use of tissue papers can easily prevent infections and sound hygiene can be maintained.

Ventilation: Ventilation is an important factor at all places, whether at home or at work places. Proper ventilation reduces the spreading of infection as fresh air and bright sunshine from outside helps in keeping the spreading of infections at bay. Ventilated places are hygienic places and people staying at such places are less prone to diseases.