Hyperacidity and Heartburn: Causes and Natural Treatment

Chronic conditions of hyperacidity can lead to stomach ulcer which is a serious problem for the body. A very common reason behind this problem is the increased production of gastric and hydrochloric acid inside the body.

Many other reasons can lead to hyperacidity and heartburn like intake of excessive amount of alcohol, eating spicy and fried food items on regular basis, pregnancy, stress and mental tensions, smoking, weight gain etc. Common symptoms of this problem are frequent pain in stomach with three to four hours right after eating food. You may even have to suffer from hunger even after eating your meals. Heartburn and hyperacidity often lead to feeling of burning and pain in the upper abdomens especially while lying down.

Intake of chilled milk for twice or thrice during a day is a very good treatment for hyperacidity and burning problems. You can even create a paste by mixing honey and ginger and take it after every meal. Eating Jaggery would also be an effective home remedy. Intake of almonds can give you great relief from heartburn.  Have water as much as you can and stop giving long breaks between your meals and also do not try to avoid meals. Take these precautions and treatments and you’ll surely treat our problem effectively.

  • change lifestyle, diet and medicine is the combination to relief the symptoms