6 Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism


6 Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism

The hormone-producing gland, located in our neck area below the Adam’s apple, is known as the thyroid. It mainly produces triiodothyronine and thyroxin, which helps in our body’s metabolism.

Hyperthyroidism is the name given to the state, when the thyroid gland develops an overactive tissue, which causes an overproduction of thyroid hormones. Thus, there’s an excess of thyroid hormones in the individual’s blood. So the body consumes more calories than what it should. That’s why, in spite of having a full and adequate diet, he/she remains lean and thin. The symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, depression, etc.

The treatment of Hyperthyroidism includes Anti-thyroid medications, Surgery and the use of Radio-active iodine. There are natural remedies, however, and they do not include the side effects and post effects, due to over usage. Natural medications act faster too (than medication).

Some Dos And Don’ts:

Acupuncture For Hyperthyroidism

One, who’s suffering from Hyperthyroidism, should cut down on harmful products such as any sources of nicotine, alcohol, soft drinks, processed/canned food/ fruits, junk food and caffeine. These all are proved to have a hand in altering the metabolism, and thus may start Hyperthyroidism. The individual should also cut down on his/her intake of dairy products, iodine, meats, pasta, breads, etc.

The acupuncture technique of the Chinese helps in curing Hyperthyroidism. Avoid stress, listen to soft music, have long baths, meditate, etc. The individual should stay away from stress and tensions. Sometimes, putting ice packs on throat help in reducing the inflammation.


A nutritious diet is not enough to, and it can’t, cure a condition of Hyperthyroidism. But, it can however keep the symptoms of the condition in control. So try and follow a well-balanced diet chart. Add a few of these edibles in your diet: chicken/ turkey, cereals, lean meat, eggs, fishes like salmon and cod, pulses, papaya, etc. Seaweed also helps in maintaining the balance of the hormone that the thyroid glands produce. So include seaweed in the diet too.

Vegetables For Hyperthyroidism

The cabbage family of broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, kales, etc. helps in reducing the thyroid gland’s activity. Peaches and pears have the similar kind of properties, so eating those too helps in curing Hyperthyroidism. So try adding them into your regular diet. Try adding, in your diet, as much green leafy vegetables as possible. These will not only help curing your situation but also do well to your overall health.

Nutrition And Remedies:

Vitamins, some more than others, are exclusively needed for the betterment of Hyperthyroidism. Vitamin C, for example, is a powerful antioxidant, so it helps in destroying the extra thyroid hormones. So take a lot of citrus fruits, rich in Vitamin C.

Eggs For Hyperthyroidism

Vitamins B12, C & E, are three types of Vitamins, which helps normalize the quantity of enzymes produced. Include in your diet lot of Vitamins B12, C and E. Also start taking cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin B12, Carrots, rich in Vitamin C, and Eggs, rich in Vitamin E. Iodine Amount in your diet should be minimized. Reduce the amount of excess iodine in your diet. For example, try to add sources of iodine 131 (I-131) only.

Herbs offer a good fighting chance against the condition of Hyperthyroidism. Ancient herbal medicines too help in curing Hyperthyroidism. An herb named Bugleweed, for example, aids in reducing the production of thyroxin and helps in curing Hyperthyroidism. Green tea and/or Lemon Balm (an herb from the mint family), helps in the proper regulation of thyroid in our body. So take them as tea or as any other dish.

The dandelion root helps for the betterment of the liver which, in turn, helps in curing the condition of Hyperthyroidism. So for six weeks drink dandelion tea, two cups a day, or take 500 milligrams of dandelion root, then stop the process for a month and then start again. You can  make a mixture of same amount of oak bark and male fern roots and then decoct the mixture with wine vinegar. Rub this Mixture, 2 times a day on the area below the throat.

Dandelion For Hyperthyroidism

Some Other Tips Remedies:

Try and add an exercise, or any physical routine of around 30 minutes each day in your regime. Try yoga, meditation and ancient relaxation techniques. They will change or alter your outlook about life and also help in purifying the body. The slow and concentrated breathing and being focused will help in more ways than one, and will also help in minimizing the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism.

Raspberry Leaf For Hyperthyroidism

If you want relief in your head and particularly your eyes, you can apply natural coolants like cucumber on your eyes to get some relief. If you’re suffering from Hyperthyroidism, you are sure to feel dryness in your eyes. It is a must to keep your eyes lubricated (perhaps by a lubricating eye drop; never use redness removal drops).

Sleep with the head (or the upper side of your abdomen, including the head and shoulders) in an inclined position; at least incline relatively with the body. This will reduce the fast blood flow to your head and hurt your eyes less. Here are some herbs which you can use for therapies: feverfew, dandelion, raspberry leaf, comfrey, ginger, licorice and garlic. All these remedies can provide good help against hyperthyroidism.

Before starting any kind of home medications or natural and herbal remedies, consult a doctor and try to find out what you’re allergic to. Stay away from those edibles, even if they form a part of your revised diet. Hyperthyroidism is common, yet not very much prevalent, so take care when taking any information or tips from someone. With a balanced diet any human can become fit and fine.

Exercise For Hyperthyroidism

A Hyperthyroidism patient may not be totally cured of the disease, but it surely will build up the systems in his/her or her body, which will control the rate of spread of the disease, and will be able to fight off any further such situation. So live a healthy, fit and carefree life. Enjoy the life and try stating happy, positive energy in one’s body act like wonders.