Identify ovarian cancer symptoms

All of us know that the ovaries are essential components of the female reproductive structure and reproduction is the vital part of human life. There are many conditions that have the ability to alter this and ovarian cancer is one of them. The ovarian cancer, in general, cannot be detected, unless one has knowledge of early signs and symptoms. Cancer itself is curable if discovered in the early stages but can hardly be detected early. Because of this cancer is called “the silent killer”.

In spite of 95% of women facing early signs and symptoms, they fail to recognize this as the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Hence it has become all the more important to know the hidden signs and symptoms so as to detect it early and cure it altogether.

The common ovarian cancer symptoms include pain and pressure or heaviness at the back, pelvis and legs, recurrent gas problem, lower abdominal uneasiness, abnormal menstrual cycle, feeling full, constant bloating, swelling of the abdomen, necessity to urinate immediately, burning sensation or tremor while urinating, feeling unnecessarily tired or fatigued without any proper reason, vaginal discharge or bleeding, aggravation of the pain in lower back, nausea and vomiting, commencement of acne, pain at the time or after intercourse, breathing difficulty, fever and sharp pain in and around ovaries or in the pelvic region.

Also diarrhea and constipation are some of the common symptoms while some of the less common symptoms are heavy virginal bleeding at the time of heavy periods, bleeding even after menopause, shortness of breath and so on.

Recent studies have also revealed that individuals having constant inception of ovarian cysts are more prone to developing ovarian cancer. It has also been found that about 80% of women all over the globe face cysts in the ovary at some point of time in their days, but they might not face the symptoms.

Hence, it has become vital that women must not neglect these ovarian cysts and treat them from the very beginning of onset, if possible. If any of the symptoms are recognized, it is very important to consult doctor and start remedial measures.