Identify Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. Cancer grows from the tissues of prostate when the cells start transforming and starts to spread uncontrollably.
Like the breast cancer which is known to be the most common cancer among women, prostate cancer is also the most common cancer among men. Each year in United States, almost a quarter of a million men is diagnosed with prostate cancer and studies and analysis shows that most of the men suffering from the ailment are aged over 60 years.

However, the disease has also been seen to occur among younger individuals too, especially among the African-Americans where most of them inflicted with this disease die within 50 years of age.

Genetics and heredity also play an important role and hence if father or brother of a concerned individual has been linked to prostate cancer at a younger age, there are chances that the concerned individual can stand in the high risk zone of being diagnosed with the disease.

There are a number of symptoms that can be linked to this deadly ailment. However, if the cancer is diagnosed at its earlier stages, there might be chances that the individuals suffering from the disease will not experience any symptoms at all.

However weak flow of urine, interrupted flow of urine, painful urination, burning sensation while urinating are some of the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Nocturia: In some cases there has been found that there are frequent need for urination, especially at night. In such cases, the concerned individual has to get up multiple times to urinate at night. This is known as nocturia.

Urgency: Urgency implies the sensation that one needs to urinate immediately. Here the sufferer faces the problem that he cannot control the urine, and it might come out at any moment. Here lays the urgency to urinate instantly and without delay.

Hesitancy: This is another common symptom found among the cancer patients. Here, the patients fail to start the urination immediately and thereby faces difficulty in starting to urinate.

Frequency: Frequency implies the necessity to urinate much more than normal.

Besides all these symptoms, losing the control of bladder, blood in urine, sudden onset of impotency, blood in semen, Bone pain especially at lower back, hips and ribs are also experienced by men suffering from the ailment.