Importance Of Body Cleansing

Today every one is living in a polluted environment. The chemicals which can be harmful for human body are present in air, water and soil in unusually high levels. The drugs and artificially processed food contains many chemicals which are unauthorized for human consumption. Even the so called fresh fruits and vegetables have high levels of pesticides and preservatives. So, nothing in environment is safe from impurities.

People think they have no choice. Whether they eat natural food or artificially processed food, body cannot be completely protected from exposure to harmful chemicals. But every one should understand that if they want to protect their body from dangerous effects of chemicals, some care and precautions are must.

If people will follow a daily cleansing routine, they can reduce the harmful effects of pesticides and preservatives on their body. One such method is to cleanse body internally. Internal cleansing of body is also called detoxifying body. Harmful chemicals called toxins enter the human body through mouth, lungs and skin exposure. These chemicals are then metabolized by the body into harmful products which either immediately affect the body or show long-term effects.

The human body has its own processes to cleanse the body. The cleansing process is daily done through organs like colon, liver, kidney, lungs, lymph and skin. The body waste is commonly eliminated in the form of sweat, urine, and bowel movements. But these natural processes of excreting waste are hampered by unhealthy life style. The people sometime willingly expose their body to harmful chemicals. Smoking, drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks, eating junk food and processed food full of preservatives are some of the common habits.

First step for internal cleansing is to get rid of unhealthy life style. Drinking enough water throughout the day is essential as water fastens the waste elimination process from the body. Doing exercises and taking proper rest is important for normal functioning of excretory organs. Including probiotic foods like yogurt is good for cleansing process. Yogurt contains beneficial live bacteria which help in detoxifying body and increasing immune system.

Some foods like oats, honey, fruits and goat milk does not contain good bacteria but they help in increasing the number of good bacteria in body. The beneficial bacteria increase the digestion and waste elimination system of the body. Cleansing body decreases constipation, bloating and indigestion. Body becomes less allergic to foods and more energetic. The skin starts glowing and there is sense of general well-being.