Importance of milk for pregnant women

Milk is a dense white liquid formed by the secretion of mammary gland of mammals. It is a whitish liquid that contains proteins, fats, all vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein that are essential for the growth and development of healthy bones of the body. The need of milk for pregnant women is vital as it serves as nutritious food of the body.Reduction of pregnancy risk: Milk is one of the many nutrients that are consumed to increase the chances of pregnancy. Drinking milk during pregnancy can reduce the chance of multiple sclerosis of the baby in later part of the baby’s life. Recent studies suggest that milk is essential in the pregnancy of a woman. According to the world health organization, consumption of milk increases the intake of calcium that is present in the milk, thereby reducing the risk of pregnancy by around 25%. Pregnant mothers, who are the regular drinkers of milk, have proved to have a much lower rate of neonatal deaths and premature births.

Intake of calcium: Pregnant mothers need the intake at least 1.2 grams of calcium in their diet, which is a vital element. Milk is a good source of calcium. When the pregnant mothers do not intake calcium in their diet sufficiently can develop high hypertensions, which can lead to neonatal deaths, pre-term delivery, and a high possibility of deaths due to serious difficulties during pregnancy. Mothers who intake milk during pregnancy does not suffer such complications as calcium is profuse in milk, which is good nutritional enhancement in pregnancy.

Age of pregnancy: The age of the pregnant mothers also plays a vital role in the developing of complications during pregnancy. If the age of the pregnant mother is 20 or less, then the chances of developing problems are high. However, sufficient intake of milk during pregnancy can help in improving the complications and thereby lead to better health of both the child and the mother.

Strength and weight: Milk contains many nutrients, which are helpful in gaining of strength and calories of the body which are vital during pregnancy. It also provides strength to the bones and teeth. Milk also helps in reducing blood pressure, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes as there are a lot of potassium, magnesium and calcium contents in the milk. Each of these vitamins and minerals are vital in the progress of pregnancy.