Importance of water in skin care

Water is the main strength of our skin. Around 70% to 80% of our skin is made up of water. When a baby is born, it is always born with a tender, glowing skin. However, as the baby starts growing up, a number of factors like pollution, lifestyle habits, medication, nutrition, stress, etc. play an important role in the looks and health of the skin. Small changes in our daily habits and lifestyles can make our skin feel tender and soft and glow throughout our lives.Drinking enough water makes it possible for our body to replace the hydration of the skin lost while exercising, sweating and doing other physical activities. Fruit juice, watermelon, tomato, cucumber, butter milk, etc. act as wonder ingredients for skin diet.

Benefits of water in skin:

Controlling skin stability: Water facilitates in keeping the skin hydrated, silky and supple everlastingly. It standardizes and controls the natural skin stability.

Controlling dehydration: Water prevents dehydration and wrinkles caused due to lack of wetness and growing old and also purify large pores by dampening and oxygenating from inside.

Dark Circles: Water helps in reducing dark circles, which are particularly prominent below the eyes.

Removing toxins: Profuse intake of water helps in removing toxins from our body, particularly the tissues thereby detoxifying the body.

Flow of essentials: First and foremost water encourages the spread of blood, fluids and the other essentials inside our body.

Warm water: Warm water clears the blackheads and makes the big pores of the skin smaller.

To summarize, water is as significant as blood and its importance cannot be underrated. One can even die of thirst – this actually speaks the importance of water in a human life. If the skin plays a significant part in the health of the body, the role of water is vital for the skin care.