Important Liquids for Your Diet

We have grown up hearing that we must include 8 glasses of water in our diet daily. This is almost true. We need to have 8 glasses of liquids in our diet, not necessarily water. We can stand to gain the liquid content from various sources like fruit and vegetable juices and milk. They help prevent heart diseases, lower the risk of cancer and do wonders to keep your weight in check.

Orange juice is the most nutritious drink you can have. It has an amazing capacity to quench your thirst as it is loaded with Vitamin C. It adds amazing value to your water intake. It is low in calories and provides you with the needed carbohydrates that you need.

Organic teas are calorie free sweet and spicy elixir loaded with disease fighting anti- oxidants.

Add instant breakfast drinks are normally low in calories and are high in calcium. The fiber available along with the protein content boosts your energy levels that take you through the day.

Hot chocolate calms your nerves after a tiring day. A single glass provides you the protein, calcium and sodium that the health department recommends.

Vegetable juices like carrots and tomatoes pack a punch. Drink a glass daily to build up stamina to keep you going through the day.

Green tea is a good drink to add to your daily diet. Try a grape fruit flavored green tea drink to boost your metabolism and Vitamin D and build your calcium intake.

Grandma always told you to drink grape juice. It adds value to your diet.

Ginger ale is a spicy yet fiery way to boost your system. The ginger acts upon your senses by taking care of any ailments that you may be suffering from.

Mixing honey in water with a hint of lemon is a great drink especially the first thing in the morning.