Impotence Treatment- How To Do It Safely

The other term for impotence is erectile dysfunction. This sexual problem is found widely and has affected lots and lots of men all over the globe. In the case of impotence, the men suffering from this trouble face a constant incapability to achieve and maintain erection that is enough for the completion of the sexual intercourse.

The types of impotence vary as per the causes. In general, there are six types of impotence namely diabetes mellitus impotence, arteriogenic impotence, endocrinologic impotence, psychogenic impotence, neurogenic impotence and venogenic impotence. Impotence can result from a varied number of factors like depression, stress, trauma, diabetes, prostrate surgery, neurological damage, hormonal imbalance, obesity, medications, illness, inactivity, stroke etc. Some of the symptoms of impotence are general depression, lack of sex drive, inability to uphold erection while awake or asleep etc. However, impotence can be treated and these men can lead a normal and happy conjugal life:

Fat: Fat is considered as one of the potent cause that can lead to obesity and thus impotency. The sufferer needs to watch out on his diet in general and fat intake in particular. The individual suffering from impotency needs to have less than 70 grams of fat each day, in order to begin with. He should keep a close watch on his regular intake of desserts, processed foods etc.

Exercise: Exercise is thought as one of the best ways to combat impotency. A daily 10 to 15 minutes of walking or exercising can do wonders to your love life. The individual who is not habituated to exercise should start on a slow note and then push to more difficult workouts.

Exercise can also be addicting and enjoying and helps to improve the blood circulation all over the body. So the individuals suffering from impotency are advised to exercise on a regular basis.

Diet: Food consumption is the basic to combat impotency. The individual suffering from impotency should start with a good balanced breakfast, have nutritional lunch and consume a light dinner by 8pm. This will make a person more healthy and energetic. Foods that are high on fibers particularly fruits and vegetables should be consumed regularly.