Improper Supply of Blood to the Body

All parts of our body need a proper and continuous supply of blood for their proper functioning. The blood supplies oxygen and various other necessary nutrients to all parts of our body. Any disturbance in blood circulation of body may lead to various disorders. For example when our feet and hands do not receive a proper amount of blood they become cold and this may be an indication of a basic health disorder. However in some cases cold feet and hands may also be due to excessive exposure to unfavorable weather condition such as strong wind, drought or extreme cold. There are various ways to keep the blood circulation of our body fit. Some of these include simple home based natural methods.

A mild pain may be experienced due to this problem. The other factors which may increase the symptoms of this disorder include stress, extreme weather conditions, especially cold weather condition, excessive smoking, anxiety, fatigue etc. All these conditions interrupt a proper supply of blood to various parts of the body and hence lead to the problem of cold feet and hands. Due to stress, anxiety or cold weather conditions, the arteries of our body become narrow and hence the proper supply of blood gets interrupted. The deficiency of oxygen due to improper supply of blood, sometimes lead to severe health disorders.

Regular exercise and morning walk are the most common natural way to treat this problem. Sensible exercise and regular morning walk ensure a proper supply of blood to various body parts and hence avoid the problem of cold feet and hands. A healthy diet also plays an important role in proper supply of blood. A healthy heart is the basic requirement for the proper supply of blood. A heart disorder may also be responsible for improper supply of blood to the body.

Sometimes the chronic arterial diseases or bronchitis may also lead to the problem of cold feet and hands. The problem of cold feet and hands when not treated in time may lead to can lead to other disorders like lumps on the finger, itching and aching toes etc. The blood circulation of the body can be maintained by body massaging. Various essential oils and their different blends are very helpful in keep the blood circulation of the body correct. If problem is persistent you are advised to consult a doctor.

  • It’s very important to keep blood flowing to the hand and fingers. If computer use is something where cold hands are a problem, there are heated computer gadgets to help with circulation.