6 Natural Ways To Improve Your Digestion Naturally



Experts suggest that the main reason for constipation or any stomach problem is defective digestive system and stress. If we take a balanced diet which is rich in all the required nutrients then it will help in fighting all the problems related to digestion. Let us find out some effective natural remedies to cure indigestion and which will strengthen our digestive system too.

Natural Ways To Improve Your Digestion Naturally

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon and Ginger

These are very common kitchen items which can be found in your hone easily. People who are not able to digest their food properly they should take two teaspoons of lime juice and ginger juice and mix it in one glass of warm water. Drinking this mixture will help in keeping our digestive system strong and healthy. This is a natural way to cleanse your stomach.

Ajwain (Carom seeds)

Ajwain (Carom seeds)

If you are suffering from severe stomach problems like gastric problem due to which there is severe stomach ache then take some carom seeds and mix with some salt which you can eat in one go. This will give you instant relief from any kind of stomach ache.

Follow the nine basic rules for augmenting digestion

Drinking water

It is important to treat indigestion but if we follow the nine basic rules to make our digestive system strong then we will never face the problem of indigestion. Let us check out what these rules are which will help us in making our digestion correct. Never mix eating and drinking, avoid drinking water also between your meals. Always drink water or any other liquid half an hour before or one hour later after the meal.

Digestion starts from your mouth only so always eat your meal very slowly and chew it properly. Avoid over eating rather stop eating before your get the feeling of fullness in your stomach. Never fill your stomach to the full always leave some space in your tummy.
Boiling of vegetables makes them lose all their nutrients so always steam them for eating.

Always eat in a tress free environment or in a pleasant and healthy environment. If you will start eating in the environment full of pressure and tension the secretion of digestive juices and hydrochloride will stop and thus it will take very long for the food to get digested.

Avoid adding too many vegetables and tastes in one meal. Let every vegetable play its role separately in your meal.  Proteins and starches should not be mixed in the food they should be taken separately in the diet. Do not eat if you are not feeling like eating. If the stomach is giving the signal of being full then there is no harm in missing a meal or two. Eat when the appetite is there. Always eat raw fruits and raw vegetables separately as different types of enzymes are needed to digest them.

Know the Main Causes of Indigestion


Overeating, which causes problems like indigestion and gastric trouble as it becomes difficult for stomach, intestine and liver to digest the food. If you are into the habit of just gulping the food and not chewing it properly then too you are inviting indigestion.  If you are a very fast eater then there are chances of suffering from indigestion.

Drinking water while eating food might also cause indigestion. If you are suffering from lack of sleep and emotional well being will also affect your digestion. Eating uncooked food will also cause indigestion.  Eating spicy and fried foods everyday causes flatulence and gastric problem in the abdomen. If you are addicted to smoking or alcohol then too you will suffer from indigestion.

Revive your Digestive Enzymes


It is very important to revive the production of digestive enzymes back in your stomach to improve your digestion or to fight this common problem of indigestion. Here are few tips which will certainly help you in igniting the digestive fire back in your digestive tract.

Take small amount of ghee and mix it with half teaspoon of Triphala and eat it before your lunch or dinner. Take a small piece of ginger (fresh one) and add few drops of lime juice on it along with some rock salt to taste and eat it just before your meals and just see how your digestive system improves.

If you are eating some dry food then it is ok to drink small sips of water, however it is better to avoid drinking water while eating. Mix one fourth teaspoon of Trikatu with small amount of honey and eat it before your meals this will aggravate the production of digestive enzymes and thus will improve the digestion also. Eating Black Plum (Jamun fruit) also aids digestion. Chewing anise seeds also helps in improving the digestion.

Improve Your Eating Habits for Wellbeing


Avoid eating foods which cause irritation and are spicy in nature like pickles, sauces, alcohol, tea, coffee, vinegar, meat etc. Since they are rich in spices and heavy too in nature they do not get digested easily. It takes a lot of effort for stomach, liver and kidney to work on their digestion. Thus it is better to avoid such foods.

Same way try to stay away from foods which cause lack of energy, cause laziness and listlessness. Such foods are devoid of life and are full of lethargy so these foods are full of preservatives, flavours, artificial colours. It is better to avoid such foods like stale food, packaged foods, white sugar and white flour foods, canned foods, frozen foods, all of them are full of lethargy and cause lack of activity in our body.

It is better to go for foods which are full of zeal and vitality. They should provide energy and should develop freshness and liveliness in your body. These foods like fruits mainly fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, ghee, sunflower oil, dairy products, natural oils like olive oil and sesame oil are full of vigour and fill your body with life and positive energy. These foods should always be included in your diet for digestive well being.

Thus by following these tips you cannot only improve your digestion but also enhance your physical well being. Indigestion can easily be treated by following a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and keeping the digestive system intact and strong.