Increase Seminal Fluid- Naturally

Seminal fluid is the fluid that comes out when a man ejaculates. The semen has the sperms as well as the seminal fluid and without this fluid it would not be possible for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

This fluid includes the emission formed by the Cowper’s gland, prostrate gland as well as the seminal vesicles. Seminal fluid has antibiotic properties and has alkaline makeup. As the fluid is alkaline in nature, it helps in the neutralization of the acids that are logically found in urethra and the vagina and helps the sperms to sustain healthy.

The consistency of the fluid needs to be correct so that the sperms have utmost motility and perfect morphology. However there are a lot of ways to increase the seminal fluid and one would be surprised by the simple and easy methods that one needs to follow in order to increase the fluid. Take a look at some of the easiest ways:

Fruits: Fruits aid in increasing the volume of seminal fluid and hence one needs to consume as many fruits as possible on a regular basis. To add to it, there are some fruits like the papayas, kiwis and plums that help in the improving of the taste as well as the smell of the semen.

Protein helps to improve the health of the male reproductive system and thereby the seminal fluid and hence should be added and increased in the daily food intake.

Vitamins and nutrients: It is vital for the body to get the essential vitamins and nutrients that is required to increase the production of the seminal fluid. Vitamin E and selenium are extremely helpful for the increasing of the fluid. Apart from these, the consumption of bee pollen, nuts and wheat germ help to increase the seminal fluid.

Sleep: A good sleep is extremely important for the healthy functioning of the body as well as production of semen. With a good and sufficient sleep, the body gets a chance to revitalize and refresh and thereby not only produces seminal fluid but also keep the internal organs of the body in a better shape.