Incredible Health Benefits Of Neem



Neem is one of the appreciable medicinal plants, which is well known for its variety of medicinal properties.Neem being a native to India, it is referred as the sacred tree of the country. Seeds, leaves, flowers, as well as bark of this tree is proved to have a variety of remedial properties.

Health Benefits Of Neem 


Neem leaves can very effectively help in protecting us from all types of microbial attacks. This ability of neem leaves is due to the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-protozoal properties. This is one of the foremost benefits of the neem leaves which makes it an excellent medicine. Neem leaves can also help in keeping away the mosquitoes from us.

Neem leaves are widely used in curing cuts and wounds as they can very efficiently kill the germs and hence help in healing the wound faster. Applying powdered neem leaves over the cuts can be regarded as an excellent cure for the same. Neem leaves oil is also beneficial in curing the wounds.

Neem Bath

All the germs that live on our body can be removed by taking a bath in a bucket of water boiled with a handful of fresh neem leaves. The germs will get killed due to the medicinal properties of the neem leaves used. This helps in keeping us healthy and self-protective from several diseases. This is one of the important health benefits of the neem leaves.


Neem oil is found to be beneficial in curing several skin infections like eczema, rashes, acne etc. Applying neem oil over the infected areas of skin can be regarded as an excellent method to cure them. The neem oil can also help in avoiding further infection.


Burns and injuries can be cured completely using neem water as well as neem oil. Rinsing the burns using neem water can help in preventing allergies due to the same as well as healing the burns faster.

Hair Care

Neem is also found to be beneficial in hair care as well. Untimely graying of hair can be prevented using neem oil as an alternate for your hair oil. Neem oil is also helpful in managing dandruff as well as head lice. This is an amazing benefit of neem in the case of hair care.

Body Massage

Massaging your body using neem oil is also beneficial in curing the problems like joint pains, back pains etc. completely and efficiently. Neem oil is valuable in reducing pain due to such problems.

Digestion related problems can be cured completely using neem leaves, which is one of the remarkable benefits of neem. Consuming fresh leaves of neem can help in reducing indigestion problems and other problems like tastelessness and acidity.

Stomach pain

Neem leaves can help in killing the intestinal worms. Consuming neem leaves can be beneficial in preventing bacterial growth inside our intestine. This will help in keeping us healthy as well as free from intestinal diseases.

Neem leaves are also identified to be an excellent blood purifier. Consuming fresh neem leaves or drinking neem water can be beneficial in purifying the blood as well as removing toxins from the blood. This is one of the admirable benefits of neem.

Neem is known to be excellent in curing the diabetic problems completely and efficiently. Taking a few neem leaves once a day every day can help in dropping the blood sugar level to normal. This is another benefit of the neem.

Neem is also beneficial in strengthening our immune system and hence helps in keeping us free from ailments. Consuming neem leaves on a daily basis can help in boosting our immunity.


Neem sticks are found to be used in brushing teeth in many parts of India. This will help in protecting us from several oral diseases like toothache and painful gums. Neem is found to be valuable in removing gingivitis as well as plaque using its antimicrobial properties.

Neem is beneficial in curing diseases like ulcers, by decreasing the production of gastric acids by our stomach. Consuming neem leaves can be regarded as important in healing the problem. Intake of neem leaves can also help in controlling anxiety as well as emotional stress.

Neem leaf extract is proved to be advantageous in keeping our heart healthy. Consuming neem leaf extract once every day is proved to be favorable in reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood clotting etc., which are the main causes which leads to heart diseases.

Neem is regarded as an excellent medicine in the case of diseases like vitiligo. Consuming fresh neem leaves along with each meal can help in healing the problem. Applying neem oil is also beneficial in bringing back to normal conditions. This is an excellent benefit of neem.

Neem is found to be helpful in saving our liver as well as brain from any kind of damages. Consuming neem leaves can help in increasing the antioxidants in our blood and hence helps in reducing the damages caused by chemicals or toxins. This is another wonderful benefit of neem.

Fruits of neem are proved to have anti-hemorrhoidal properties, which is very helpful in preventing diseases like anal bleeding and so on. Seeds of neem are proved to have anti-helminthic and anti-poisonous properties. Taking neem seeds can be helpful in destroying certain helminthes causing diseases and is beneficial in keeping us away from such diseases.

Bark of neem is also found to have many benefits that help in protecting us from certain ailments. Consuming neem bark extract is useful in curing diseases like tiredness, fever, appetite loss etc. Neem flowers are found to be beneficial in controlling body warmth. This is one of the admirable benefits of neem.

In recently conducted studies, it was proved that neem leaves are beneficial in preventing many of the sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Neem can provide about 75% protection from HIV viruses. Neem is also beneficial in preventing unwanted pregnancy as it can destroy the sperms using the spermicidal properties.

It was found that neem is having certain medicinal properties that can help in curing AIDS. It is hoped that in the near future AIDS would be cured completely by depending upon the magical herb namely, Neem.