Infection of ear – natural cures

Most of us have suffered from infection of ear during the period of adolescence. Ear infection can take place even among the adults though it is more familiar among the kids than in the adults. Although some ear infections can cure on its own, there is a number of infectivity that can be treated only though medications, else it might result in potential difficulty, even loss of hearing.

On the whole, in general, there are three types of ear infection namely, the otitis externa or the outer ear infection, otitis media or the middle ear infection and otitis interna or the inner ear infection. Ear infection can cause mild to severe pain and sometimes mild loss of balance and even hearing loss.

Infection of ear- Natural cures:

Smoking: One can avoid the problems of ear infection by avoiding the persons who smokes. The task of the Eustachian can be hampered by the smoke of cigarettes.

Onion juice: Warm up some onion juice and place 3 drops of the juice in each ear. The natural anti-bacterial properties of the juice are effective for curing ear infection.

Garlic: One of the best natural antibiotics for dealing with ear infection is garlic. One has to put 2-3 garlic drops in the ear and blow warm air into the ear with the help of a blow dryer that has to be placed about 12-15 inches away from the ear. This method can remove the trapped water inside the Eustachian tube and thereby cure the ear from the infection.

Chamomilla: Chamomilla or the extract of the flower is very useful for the curing of the ear infection. It is very effective if the ear is red and hot due to the infection. Chamomilla helps to ease out the paroxysms of the ear pain.

Mango leaf: The use of mango leaf is useful for combating ear infection. One has to warm up the extract of the mango leaf juice and put 4-5 drops of this juice into the painful ear.

Mustard oil: Warm up a bit of mustard oil and put 3-4 drops of the oil inside the ear. This will effectively cure ear infection.