Infestation due to Threadworms

Infestation of the intestines by the threadworms is a common cause of anal irritation among children. Although the idea of having these parasites is unpleasant and embarrassing, they pose little rick of health. Since the infestation is easily transmitted, all members of the family should be treated at the same time.

Threadworms look like one centimeter lengths of white cotton thread. The female emerges to lay their eggs at night, and their movements cause the characteristic nightmare itching. The eggs are too small to see with the naked eyes, but if affected children scratch, they pick up eggs under their fingernails. If they later put their finger to their mouth, the eggs readily travel from their intestine, where they mature, hatch and start the cycle again. Dislodged eggs can live for some time away from the body, in bleeding and on floors or the other surfaces.

You should wear cotton gloves in bed to avoid the infection. If you scratch while half sleep, they will keep you from picking up eggs under your nails. Your nails should be clipped short. Washing nightclothes, gloves and bed linens daily is very helpful in avoiding this problem. In order to eliminate infestation you should make half a liter of herbal tea using one part of fennel seed, one part of peppermint and one part of aniseed. Sweeten with honey, molasses or fruit juice. Drink a cup of this mixture before breakfast, then another cup two or three times during the day. Use this treatment for a period of one week.

Consumption of carrot is very helpful in avoiding infestation. Grate a carrot and eat it mixed with a tablespoon of ground pumpkin seeds for breakfast. Eat raw onions, apples and coconut, or add cayenne pepper and fresh or dried thyme to your meals to help kill worms. In case these treatments are of no use, you are advised to go to a doctor for diagnosis.

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