Interested in an aromatic massage?

Although an aromatic massage may appear to be a luxury for some, it is an acknowledged fact that today, more and more people are making use of this for its calming, energizing, and healing properties. Apart from the people who would like to indulge themselves, many corporate firms have realized the advantages of this unique therapy and are recommending it to their employees.

An aromatic massage therapy uses highly concentrated plant oils (essential oils) for the massage. This is usually in the form of oil or a lotion. Chamomile, geranium, lavender, rose, clary sage, neroli, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and pine are some of the oils used for calming, energizing, cleansing and decongesting effects. A massage therapy is generally for a period of 40 minutes to one and a half hour. Oils are used only after checking out on your medical history and lifestyle. The lotion or oil is massaged on the back first and then, to other parts of the body like legs, neck, arms and abdomen. Smooth strokes including kneading movements are used to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, pain and also reduce stiffness in joints and muscles.

Apart from giving an overall feeling of well-being, an aromatic massage helps people with constant headaches, back pain, digestive disorders and also premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Postpartum blues are also reduced greatly if an aromatic massage is done. But do be careful and consult the massage therapist if you have an open wound, a rash, are pregnant, have a hernia, inflamed skin or have just recovered from a surgery.

Usually people do not complain of side effects after an aromatic massage but an occasional ache could be there because of pressure applied over strained areas. The next time you just want to distress out just go in for an aromatherapy massage and feel the mind-blowing difference!