Is Herbal Tea An Effective Herbal Remedy?

Is Herbal Tea An Effective Herbal Remedy

Herbal tea is the in-thing today. You can find several kinds of herbal teas attractively displayed in supermarkets giving us a greater choice instead of the usual monotonous quota of the daily tea. Moreover, people are getting more and more health conscious and are opting for teas that improve health than just tingling the taste buds!

Herbal tea makes use of different kinds of herbs that have been harvested, dried and processed to bring that exotic flavour for you. But, how beneficial is it? Well, take for example the Asthma Tea. This tea uses the herbs Adhatoda Vascia and Camellia Synesis, well known for their antispasmodic and bronchodilation properties. It is usually boiled in hot water for a few minutes then, strained and drunk. However, this kind of tea needs to be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning to be more effective.

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Similarly, there is the Vigour Tea that gives stamina to the body, the BP Tea that controls the blood pressure and also the popular Slim Tea that blends tea leaves with herbs like Garncinia Comboja and Camellia Synesis to reduce fat. Lots of other herbal teas are used for purposes like rejuvenation, stress relief, diabetes, cleansing and detoxifying the body, for cold and cough and also for boosting memory. India is a popular manufacturer of several kinds of herbal teas because of its centuries old Ayurvedic lineage and tradition.

Though herbal tea cannot compensate for immediate treatment of any ailment it goes a long way in subsiding diseases like asthma, indigestion and the like. Secondly, the effect of herbal teas is not immediate. It needs to be taken for some months before the effect can be seen. Some of the popular Indian herbal teas are:

·Chamomile used mainly for calming stressed nerves.
·Mint Tea as a cooling agent made from mint leaves.
·Pitta Tea as a digestive containing herbs and spices like ginger, cinnamon, coriander, rose petals and Bishop’s Weed.
·Cinnamon Tea which stimulates the nerves consisting of spices like cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, black pepper, cloves and piparanul.
·Lemon Tea, which is quite refreshing to the nerves.
·Vata Tea, an anti-anxiety tea.

Vata Tea

Herbal teas are effective health drinks. Their medicinal benefits cannot be denied as people have found a difference in their health condition. If you haven’t tried herbal teas make a start now.