Isolated Systolic Hypertension

The increase in the blood pressure of a person suffering from isolated systolic hypertension is not noticeable at the initial stage and it generally takes years for high blood pressure to become noticeable as a symptom of isolated systolic hypertension.

There is a slight increase in blood pressure in this disease and slowly it goes up month after months. However, the isolated systolic hypertension can be diagnosed by calculating average of several readings and in case the average goes beyond 140 or so, you may be suffering from isolated systolic hypertension. Though, having blood pressure above 140 doesn’t clearly mean that you have isolated systolic hypertension. But consulting a doctor in this case will help you find the correct prediction.

There are several reasons for isolated systolic hypertension such as old age, obesity, high sugar level of the body or smoking habits. Age is not a proven factor leading to this disease as in earlier time, people used to be very active in their old age also and there were no symptoms of isolated systolic hypertension found in them. But of course, the maximum number of cases reported are from the age group of 60 or more. A global study of the people suffering from this disease has revealed that the life style of a person is more responsible for this disease as in most of the cases the life style of the person suffering from this disease was found to be different from the normal people. An inactive life style may also be a reason behind the isolated systolic hypertension.

Obesity, the problem of over weight, is another factor that can lead to this disease. The study has found that the number of people suffering from isolated systolic hypertension has grown considerably with increasing obesity throughout the globe. Thus, controlling the problem of obesity may be an indirect way to prevent isolated systolic hypertension. As the matter of treatment of this disease is concerned, there is no proper treatment known for this disease, but a proper knowledge of the factors leading to this problem may prevent the problem of isolated systolic hypertension.