Jaundice: Causes and Treatment

The condition in which yellow pigments are formed from the red blood cells due to which eye and skin of the body become yellow is called jaundice. The mucous membranes of the body also get yellow due to jaundice. In formation of red blood cells approximately 1% of the red blood cells are replaced by fresh cells every day and these old red blood cells become yellow.

However, when more than 1% of the red blood cells retire and get converted into yellow pigments, the condition becomes tough for liver to handle. If the liver is damaged or overloaded, it results into retirement of more red blood cells into yellow pigment. It is a common problem among babies today.

In the first week after taking birth, a baby may have the problem of jaundice. Clinically this is termed as physiological jaundice. The basic reason for jaundice among the babies is that their livers are not ready for the load. Premature babies are often at higher risk of jaundice.

For physiological jaundice in babies, vitamin D is the best way to reduce jaundice. Rays of the rising sun in the morning are considered to be the best source of vitamin D. However it should be noted that a baby should not be exposed to more intense rays of the sun, they can be harmful for the baby. Only morning rays are good for the babies. Jaundice which occurs in adult is termed as pathologic jaundice.

Various health risks are associated with pathologic jaundice. Therefore it is very important to take this type of jaundice seriously. The reason for pathologic jaundice may be genetic syndrome, blood diseases, hepatitis, bile duck blockage, blood incompatibilities, liver infection etc. In children it can be transmitted from mother to the child by the process of breastfeeding. Viral hepatitis is also a major reason for the transmission of jaundice.

Before going for any type of treatment for jaundice, it is very important to know the reason of the jaundice and then the treatment can be given accordingly. There are various medication and treatments available in the market. However many people prefer to go for some home based remedies for treatment of jaundice. Herbal remedies are also very effective in case of jaundice. Bitter luffa juice is very helpful in jaundice.

Take some leaves of bitter luffa, extract juice from them by filtering it with cloth, inhale this extract through nostrils, your jaundice will recover very quickly. Turmeric is also very effective in jaundice. Take ½ teaspoonful of turmeric, mix it with 250 ml of lukewarm water, take this twice a day. You will find that results are amazing and your jaundice is reducing very quickly. If the symptoms are persistent, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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