Jock Itch Remedies With Natural Cures


Jock itch is a common skin disease that is caused by a fungus, Trichophyton rubrum. It occurs in the folded areas like groin, inner thighs, etc. They are red-round scale like and are very itchy. However, proper care with certain natural and homemade remedies can cure the infection and bring relief to the skin. These also have a least number of side effects.

Keeping The Area Clean And Dry:

Folded areas of the body are most of the time covered and become sweaty. This is the main reason behind the fugal infection. So it is very essential to keep the body clean and preferably dry. For this you should bathe twice daily with a good herbal soap. Application of honey and besan (chickpea flour) cleans the dirt and excess oil in those regions. Dry the area gently with a towel. Wash the towel every time to keep it germ free.

Soaking In Salt Water:

Salt is very beneficial is curing jock itch. It absorbs the moisture from the swelling and helps them dry faster. In a bath tub filled with hot water add an ample amount of salt. Sit inside the tub or soak your affected area in the solution for 15-20 minutes. The salt will dry the infection faster. If this process is repeated daily both in the morning and in the afternoon for 2-3 days, the jock itch will vanish.

Application Of Apple Cider Vinegar Solution:

You can dilute one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water and apply this mixture over the area with the help of a cotton ball. Allow it to dry on the skin. Lemon juice can also be used as an alternative. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which acts as an anti-bacterial agent and kills the germs. This should be repeated two times daily for fast relief. Do not discontinue immediately. Apply for another 5-6 days to disinfect the area properly.

Application Of Coconut Oil:

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You can massage coconut oil over the jock itch, and it can stop further spreading of the infection. Coconut oil can also be mixed with few drops of other natural oils like, oil of oregano, clove oil, etc. It gives better results.

Application Of Tea Tree Oil:

Tee tree oil has strong anti-fungal properties, which can be very effective on jock itch. The tannic acid present in it will destroy all the fungal infection. You can mix tea tree oil along with water and apply it 2-3 times a day on the affected area with a cotton ball. This will help to cleanse and cool the itching site.

Application Of Other Natural Organic Compounds:

Few drops of naturally occurring organic compounds like Eucalyptol, menthol, thymol, etc., having cooling action, can also cure fungal infection. Eucalyptol present in eucalyptus oil, menthol found in peppermint and thymol found in carom seeds (ajwain), are easily available in the markets. These components are also found in mouth wash. It can be applied over jock itch.

Application Of Garlic:

Usage of garlic can be one of the best options for the treatment of jock itch. It is a natural anti-biotic and anti fungal agent which dries the area as well as prevents further infection. Garlic is both eaten and also applied over the infected area. It is first made paste along with olive oil or grape seed oil and then applied. It can also be mixed with honey for better results.


To maintain a proper diet during jock itch is very important. Improper diet can lead to further spreading of the infection. Garlic as we know can heal this disease and so should be eaten in the greater amount. It also protects from further fungal infection. Adequate amount of Fresh vegetables and fruits should be added to the diet menu. Green leafy vegetables should be added in salad, curries, etc.

There are few types of food items, which should be consumed very less during this time. These are carbohydrate and starch containing food like whole grain, bread, etc. Food products processed with yeast should also be avoided. All these foods turn into sugar and helps the fungi germinate faster. Alcoholic drinks, sugarcoated fruits and fried foods should also be avoided. This does not allow the rash to heal easily.

Application Of Powder:

You can clean the affected area and rub a mild talcum powder on it. This will keep that area dry. It also gives freshness and relief from itchiness for sometime. But you should not use too much as it will accumulate in that region and lead to further discomfort. Some amount of powder or cornstarch can also be sprinkled on the undergarments to give better aeration and dryness. Baby powder is most likely used as it’s mild.

Exposure To Light And Air:

It is very important to keep your body parts exposed to light and air. This can prevent the cultivation of fungi. Area affected by jock itch also heals faster if kept free and open. It is advisable to wear light clothes preferably cotton and linen during this time. You should wear a minimal number of clothes when alone. If possible keep the infected part completely open at night, or cover them with loose under garments like boxers, pajamas, etc. This will check the growth of fungi.

Physical Exercise:

Some kind of light physical workouts like jogging, cycling, running and yoga can be beneficial. It not only reduces weight, but also rejuvenates the skin. A thin person has fewer folds in the body than that of a fat person and so suffers less. But exercise leads to the production of sweat. So it is very important to change the sweaty clothes as soon as possible. It is even better to take a shower immediately after these kinds of exercises.

Jock itch is very irritating and the hands always reach out to the affected area for scratching. But you should never scratch as it will make the condition worse. It may even damage the skin further and spread the infection. Natural remedies can take a little longer time to heal the infection, but are very effective. So be patient and follow the process properly.