Keep Your Body Cool and Enjoy This Summer

Body Cool

When the mercury shoots up it is time we look for ways  to keep our body cool and find ways to enjoy this summer. It is holiday time for most students and with it we have various health problems like prickly heat, dehydration, acne and water borne diseases. Yes, you can keep your body cool this summer and enjoy too.

The first thing that is most important is to keep our body well hydrated. This help in making us feel cool and healthy too. It is essential to drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Ice cool water may be good but it does not serve to quench thirst. Drinking of  water from pots is more cooling for the body and helps to quench the thirst also. Drinking of tender coconut  water, juices and buttermilk also helps to keep one  cool and enjoy even the real hot season.

Lime Juice

Besides drinking lime water with a pinch of salt and sugar helps to quench the thirst. Keeping oneself well hydrated is very important for those who go out in the sun or have to do a lot of physical work.

The right type of food can also help one keep cool and enjoy during the summer season. It is best to avoid heavy foods and also those foods that are fried. Besides it is good to eat fruits like mango, muskmelon and watermelon. Drinking cold milk helps especially when one eats mangoes. Besides it is good to have a lot of yogurt and vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge  gourd, ash gourd and cucumber. Drinking the juice of  pumpkin is a great cooler.


Exercise is also very important during the summer  season. Swimming is one ideal exercise that makes one feel cool and also enjoy during the summer. One should take care one takes a bath before entering the pool and makes sure the pool has clean water. One should take care one wears the proper headgear to protect ones hair and uses goggles to protect ones eyes.

It is also necessary one use a sun screen too before taking a plunge in the pool. If one is prone to infections like urinary tract infection, skin infections and eye infections one should consult ones physician before making a plunge into the pool.

Ice Cream

Besides one should make sure one uses a suntan cream and proper goggles to protect ones skin and eyes before going out. Besides it6 is good to take coolers like ice cream, but make sure the ice cream is frozen and has not melted or thawed as they could cause infections.

So dear folks as you get ready for this summer season make sure you follow as these tips to keep your body cool and enjoy during this summer season.