Kidney Stones Treatment With Proper Diet

Kidney stones are common problem to many individuals all over the world. These stones are formed usually due to poor diet and also the less presence of liquids in the diet. Also poor water sanitation is also treated as one of the foremost cause of the formation of kidney stones for some people. Studies have showed a number of reasons for the development of this ailment.

Hot and humid climate, low level of activity, certain diseases like cystinuria gout, urinary tract infections, etc are some of the other causes that can lead to the development of the ailment. In general there are five kinds of kidney stones namely uric acid stones, calcium stones, struvite stones, cystine stones and drug stone. However there are a lot of ways of removing these stones from the kidney. Diet is known to be the best natural way of removing the stones from the kidney.

Water: Water is known to be the most vital element that helps in the passing off of the stones from the kidney. The sufferer needs to drink huge amount of water. It is thought is the best remedy for the dissolving of the stones and allowing them to pass through the urinary system. Drinking of two to three quarts of water on a daily basis is best for the treating of the kidney stones.

Detoxifying foods: Kidney stones are formed through the building up of toxins in the urinary tract. Frequent intake of sweets, junk foods, processed foods, soda, excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine etc are thought as one of the prime causes of the building up of toxins inside the body. There are some foods that help in the detoxification of the body. Cranberries, lemons, watermelons and dandelions are some of the detoxifiers that are rich in calcium and prevent the formation of stones in the kidney.

Oatmeal, radishes, rice, plums, mushrooms, grape fruits, green grapes etc are some of the foods that low oxylate in nature. Again fish, eggs, poultry, yoghurt, pork are also some foods that are low oxylate in nature and should be consumed in moderation and they are rich in protein or calcium content.

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