Know the Magical Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek herb available as a herb and seed is used culinary spice as well a number of health ailments is generally grown in the Mediterranean regions of South Europe and Asia. It has been used to cure various diseases ranging from respiratory problems to low sexual drive. So it would be interesting to know all about magical health benefits of this useful herb.

Fenugreek leaves are well known for their high content of minerals like d Potassium, Calcium, and Iron. These leaves also have a high fiber content besides having a storehouse of Vitamin C. They are comparable to spinach for their rich source of nutrition. Their seeds contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, and diosgenin. Diosgenein present in their seeds helps to improve libido and also reduce hot flashes in women undergoing menopause. Besides fenugreek seeds have alkaloids, lysine, L-tryptophan, and steroidal saponins.

Fenugreek the magical herb with a lot of health benefits has a cooling and mild laxative property besides having a pungent aromatic smell. Consuming fenugreek leaves in the form of vegetable helps to promote excellent digestive power and prevents one from deficiency of iron. Besides fenugreek seeds helps soothe gastrointestinal inflammation by coating the lining of the stomach and intestine. It is also an excellent remedy for heartburn. Using fenugreek as a spice in food or swallowing it with water just before a meal helps to aid digestion. In addition, gargling regularly with the water in which fenugreek seeds have been soaked helps to prevent as well as heal mouth ulcers and is an excellent remedy for sore throat also.

The next health benefit of this magical herb is that it is the most effective remedy for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Fenugreek seeds can be soaked in curds and had the first in the morning before consuming anything else. Taking fenugreek seeds twice daily before the meals also helps. Research shows that fenugreek has the added advantage of lowering the cholesterol levels, thereby lessening the risk of heart attacks. Fenugreek seeds help in getting cardiovascular health benefits also. Hence it is best to take at least two ounces of fenugreek seeds by sprinkling them onto food or taking them as a capsule.

Fenugreek is the best topical herbal cure for skin inflammations like abscesses, boils, burns, eczema, gout and ulceration of the skin. Fenugreek seeds powder can be mixed with warm water and applied on the inflamed skin to provide good relief. Fenugreek seeds can be given with lemon and honey as a herbal tea to provide relief from fever.

Fenugreek is a good remedy to stimulate uterine contractions and helps in childbirth. However it is best to consult one’s doctor before taking it to induce labor. In addition this herb helps to increase milk five times in lactating mothers. Hence it is best to take the herb fenugreek in some form at least three times a day to have the best magical benefit. Including fenugreek in ones daily diet helps to balance women’s hormones and enlarge ones breasts.

Besides fenugreek as leaves or seeds are found to have good health benefits in treatment of arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, increase libido and male potency. They also help to maintain a healthy metabolism. Hence include fenugreek seeds and leaves in your daily diet to get the magical health benefits accruing from it.

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