Learn About The Causes And Treatment Of Itchy palms And Feet

Itchy palms and feet commonly trouble people during winter. But it is not just due to dryness, that palms and feet feel itchy. Here are few causes of itchy palms and feet and how to cure this condition.

There are different causes of itching of palms and feet. It can be due to infection by parasite named scabies. This parasite lives in the webs of fingers and toes and cause severe itching of palms and soles.

Permithrin or lindane cream should be applied over the affected parts to get rid of scabies infection. It is highly contagious infection. Fungal infection caused due to putting hands in water for frequent washing clothes also causes itchy palms. Antifungal creams are used for its treatment.

In house wives, contact dermatitis is an important cause for itchy palms. The chemicals in the soap act as irritants which irritate the skin of palms and form lesions on palms which severely itch.

Avoiding contact with irritants is important in such cases. Deficiency of vitamins and even excess of vitamins can manifest as itching of palms and feet. Usually vitamin B6 and B12 in deficient or excess amounts are responsible.

The commonest cause of itching of palms and soles is roughness of skin which occurs during winter season. The skin of the palms and soles becomes dry and thick. There is scaling of skin also. Due to extreme dryness, even cracks develop.

This common condition is called as palmoplantar hyperkeratosis. Hence during winter you should apply a good moisturising cream on the skin of palms and soles. It will be good if the moisturiser is oil based. This will help to make the skin soft, remove scratches. Apply it twice everyday once after bath and once before going to sleep.

Also apply coconut oil twice or thrice in a week. This will help to provide nourishment in the form of oil to the skin because winter usually takes away the natural oils present in the skin. Another good treatment is to wear cotton socks for the whole day.

Wear shoes or any other footwear over it. This helps in sweating of the soles and the moisture is trapped which helps to prevent cracks. For palms, apply moisturising cream and then wear gloves over it.