Learn How to Treat Halitosis at Home

Halitosis is a condition where a person suffers from bad breath. This causes a lot of embarrassment as it hampers social and professional life. What you eat and drink has a large impact on the smell of your breath. Poor oral hygiene is a contributing factor to this disorder and hence you must make sure that you pay attention to yourself in order to avoid any embarrassment.

Food and drink that cause an odor are a common contributing factor to the condition. If you eat raw onions or garlic; you are bound to suffer with bad breath and no amount of mouthwash is going to help you after your indulgence. You must make sure that you do not consume these types of food in the raw state. A mouthwash will only give you temporary relief and you must try and reduce eating such foods that emit odors. Red meats are also known to cause such issues and you must avoid them too. If you eat red meats then you must brush your teeth immediately and use a mouthwash. Keep a clove in your mouth so that you do not give out any foul odor.

Smoking also contributes to your condition. Notice the smell of a person who smokes or someone who has been to a room that is filled with smoke. Avoid direct or indirect contact with tobacco and you will improve your condition drastically.

You also need to pay keen attention to your oral hygiene. It is important that you floss your teeth regularly. This helps to eliminate food particles that get logged into your mouth and may be the cause of the condition. Wash your mouth after every meal including tea and coffee. Use a mouthwash at regular intervals.

If you feel that you are emitting a foul odor from your mouth then you must chew on mint flavored gum; this helps to keep your mouth moist and wash away bacteria. It also helps to freshen your breath.

If you suffer from acid reflux then it could be the cause of your condition. You must talk to your dental care practitioner about the best ways to ensure your oral hygiene.