Leg injury – Home remedies

Legs are often prone to injuries. Minor injuries of legs are common in our day to day to life. Leg injuries are common during games and entertaining activities, work connected everyday jobs, running around the home, etc. Leg injuries are widespread in kids and adolescents and such injuries largely takes place at the time of sports or from unintentional falls. There are many home remedies to leg injuries:Stretching: One might face difficulty in moving the legs due to pain, but stretching the leg as far as possible can help in the long run, or else it might become hard later.

Massage: Gentle massage over the cramped muscle can certainly help in reducing the ache due to leg cramps. Once a week, massaging can keep the muscles strong and healthy and keeps them fit to take up any challenges.

Cold and Hot remedy: One needs to soak a towel in cold water and place the wet towel above the cramped muscle. This can help in calming the tensed muscle. Again sometimes hot treatment can also relax strained muscles. Taking bath with warm water or steam bath can soften the cramps and also reduce the pain of the muscles due to any injury to a large extent.

Water: Often leg pain and cramps can be the result of dehydration of the body. It is essential that one should intake loads of water to keep one hydrated. With the consumption of lots of water at regular intervals, the tendency towards the cramping of muscles will automatically decrease.

Mixture: One has to mix ten grams of camphor with two hundred grams of mustard oil and the mixture has to be kept in the sun until the camphor melts totally. Then the injured area needs to be massaged with the mixture. This is an effective home remedy for an injured leg.

Walnuts: Intake of 3-4 walnuts in an empty stomach in the morning helps in providing relief to the injured leg by reducing the pain.

Raspberry tea: Intake of a cup of raspberry tea empty stomach in the morning and at the end of the day is a useful remedy for injured and cramped legs.