Lemon Juice as a Remedy for Acne

Acne can hamper ones social life and interpersonal relationships. When you suffer with acne breakouts you normally loose confidence and this is a huge hindrance in your life. There are plenty of ready made treatments that claim to get rid of acne scars however these may not always be effective as every person has a different biochemistry and the products may not be formulated to deal with this. The best remedies to fight acne are those that you can prepare in the comfort of your home; they are cost effective and do not have any side effects.

In my search for remedies to fight acne I stumbled upon lemon juice. The juice of this citrus fruit can work wonders on your skin and you will be able to see miracles within a few applications. You need to use the juice in the right manner to see the results.

If you have oily skin or are suffering with acne then you need to keep your skin clean. This helps to unclog the pores and also gets rid of the topical dirt and grime that gets stuck on your skin. Cleaning your face also eliminates the excess oil from your skin. Use products that contain lemon juice as their base as the juice is known to absorb excess oils and keep the skin clean.

You need to dab lemon juice directly on the zits in order to prevent breakouts and control the secretion of oil on your skin. Avoid using concentrated lemon juice; you need to use fresh lemons in order to get the best results out of the treatment. If your face is very oily or if the zits on your face are open wounds you need to dilute the juice with water else the juice will cause a stinging sensation.

If you are attempting to get rid of excess oil on your face you must rub a piece of lemon directly on your skin; the fruit will absorb the excess oils and keep your skin oil free for a few hours. Continue this treatment every 4 to 5 hours for the first few days. You must use lemon juice on your face before you apply your make up in order to make it last longer.

Lemon juice is also effective in getting rid of blackheads. You could make a peel off mask with lemon juice in order to get rid of the blackheads. Use the white of 1 egg and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well so that the blend to form one thick liquid. Apply this liquid on your face with the help of a brush. Let it dry and peel it off after a few minutes. You will notice a number of blackheads in the remains of the peel off mask.