Lethargy: Getting Rid Of It

Lethargy is a medical condition which indicates to drowsiness, tiredness, slowness, fatigue etc. Though lethargy is the result of excessive stress and strain most of the time, it sometimes becomes symptom of many serious illnesses and problems. Some sort of lifestyle and wrong type of diet can lead to lethargy.


Sometimes inadequate drinking of water and too much indulgence on red meat can lead to lethargy. Insomnia or staying in bed for too long and the absence of exercise may lead to lethargy. Lethargy can be overcome easily unless it is due to some serious reasons.

Beneficial Tips To Cure Lethargy

To get rid of lethargy the first and foremost thing is adequate water intake and balanced diet. Avoid fat products and take enough carbohydrates because it supplies energy. Eat high fiber diet. Munching on junk food is no doubt an enjoyable experience but it supplies saturated fat in a large amount in your body and makes you lethargic. All same about processed and canned food.

fibre rich diet

Some types of chemicals are used for the preservation purpose which is carcinogenic. It is summertime and it is natural that most of us get delighted with cold carbonated drinks or ice cream. But they should be avoided. Stay away from them to keep fit and energetic.

There are some natural remedies of removing lethargy or excessive fatigue. Mix grapefruit and lemon juice in 1:1 ratio and drink it daily. Continue it for at least two weeks and see the difference. Basil leaves also remove lethargy. Boil a handful of basil leaves in water, strain the water and drink it. It really removes fatigue.


With it you may add honey for sweet taste. Sprouts are very effective to give you energy and remove fatigue. Soak some green lentils in water for 2-3 days. Sprouts will come out from it. Eat them every morning to get energy.  Having fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in large amount daily can alleviate the lethargic condition. Drinking fruit juice or green tea regularly may supply you energy.


Another way to remove lethargy is reflexology and acupressure. There are few pressure points on the palms and the soles of the feet which should be pressed firmly to stimulate the blood flow for better circulation. With the circulation of blood oxygen reaches the different part of the body and vibrates us.