Life after Menopause

Post menopause is the time when a woman has stopped having periods. You can be sure you have reached menopause after one full year without periods. As you become older, periods do become irregular but it cannot be considered menopause. Even women with ovaries removed have reached menopause. So, is there life after menopause? Does the stop in vaginal bleeding mark the end of your meaningful life?

Actually, it is all up to you. Life can seem a mid life crisis even with periods on. In the same way, life without periods and without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy can be enjoyable if taken in the right spirit. Menopause usually brings with it hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, night sweats, extreme mood swings and decrease in sexual desire. While you may not experience all of these symptoms or maybe a combination of some of them, life can become irritating and frustrating if you are unable to come to terms with this new phase in your life.

Consulting a good gynecologist during menopause helps. She will guide you and make you prepared for all the physical changes that you have to undergo. There will be times when life is miserable. This is what most postmenopausal women tend to feel. Dealing with the physical symptoms first makes facing the psychological part of menopause easier to handle. If you experience hot flashes, make use of soy products like soymilk, tofu, or soybeans. The use of Vitamin E also helps hot flashes and night sweats. Make fitness a part of your daily schedule. It reduces menopausal discomfort. Some women go in for a hormone replacement therapy including estrogen. Try out what suits you best because although the symptoms of menopause are more or less similar, the solutions for combating menopause discomfort do vary.

Life after menopause is not a full stop. It is a new beginning. It is the time when you are more or less free of responsibilities and can take up new interests and hobbies. You can catch up with all that you missed during your pre-menopausal days like old friends, learning music, traveling, or even indulging in aroma soaking aromatherapy. Just be optimistic, do some exercise, keep away from spicy food, caffeine and alcohol and live each day for a time. If you have an understanding spouse or friend, nothing like it!