Lose Weight with Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

It has become the trend of the present days to lose weight as quickly as possible. It needs both dedication and a bit of time to lose weight. Going to gym had been extremely popular till some days ago.

But most people presently do not want to go to gym to lose weight. They prefer to stay at home and lose weight naturally. Losing weight naturally is rapidly gaining popularity among all classes and creeds of people. People are now tending to lose weight naturally as it does not have any side effects.


Right food should be consumed in order to lose weight. Negative calorie foods help you to lose weight easily. Other than this, breathing exercises help to reduce weight without any side effects.

There are a number of breathing techniques like deep inhalation procedure, yoga and proper inhalation or proper breathing that are useful for losing weight.


Studies indicate that people who need to lose weight are unaware that they intake much less oxygen that they are supposed to. Shallow breathing prompts a person to gain weight.

Losing abdominal fat: Just lie on the floor and stretch your belly inside. Now slowly breathe in deeply and breathe out. This exercise is extremely useful in not only reducing the bulging belly but is also extremely helpful for losing weight. The best way to start lose weight is by losing the abdominal fat through breathing exercises. The abdominal fat is thought as the main cause of excess weight.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing: Deep breathing exercises are considered vital for losing weight, relaxing as well as having a sense of well being in oneself. Just lie flat on cough or bed or floor. Take a deep breath with the help of the nose. Now the belly should be pushed up while inhaling the air.

After the inhalation of as such of air as needed, hold the breath for a period of ten to twenty seconds. Then let it out. This breathing exercise not only helps to lose weight but also helps to feel relaxed, refreshed as well as much better. This exercise can also be practiced by sitting up.

Lose Weight with Breathing Exercises