Lose weight without gymming

Couch potatoes, a sedentary lifestyle and eating what comes your way while working hours at the computer without any physical activity is making people less health conscious. No wonder, you tend to find a lot of obese people now-a-days eating junk food only to save on time and effort. The number of gadgets and slimming pills being sold are also proof of the dominance of this weight illness in our society. Now that you know that you need to lose weight, must you invest in an exercise gadget like say a sauna belt? There are other ways out like a home remedy for example. But, before you read what those slimming home remedies are let us check out on obesity.

Obesity is a state of your body when excess fat gets stored in your body. If left untreated, your obesity problem could aggravate to cardiovascular disease, hypertension or Type II diabetes.
·An occasional fast on limejuice and honey water drunk at regular intervals is of real help.
·A handful of jujube leaves (Indian plum) soaked overnight in water and drunk first thing in the morning achieves wonderful results within a month.
·The tartaric acid in cabbage is an effective remedy for weight reduction as it prevents sugar and carbohydrates from transforming into fat.
·Mint added to your diet also helps in weight loss.
·Amalaki, hartaki and bibitaki that is actually known as trifala helps in weight loss.
·Millet (ragi) is slow to digest and suppresses hunger apart from the fact that it has plenty of Vitamin B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
·Vegetables must be eaten steamed or boiled reducing salty and fried foods including dairy products, margarine and sugar. Vegetable oil is a better substitute than butter and margarine.
·Similarly, eating one or two tomatoes in the morning helps in weight loss.

Reducing body flab can be done with the help of fitness gadgets and exercising but, home remedies carried over from generation to generation and achieving the same result must be tried. After all, they are timed tested remedies unlike the expensive equipments and slimming pills. All you have to do is eat meals at regular intervals, drink lots of water, exercise and have patience. No result comes without effort. Happy Weight Losing!