2 Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain


2 Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has been a widespread difficulty for many individuals all over the globe. It is due to this pain that hundreds and thousands of people miss job as it causes a lot of job related difficulties.  Lower back pain is considered as the second most common neurological ailment in the United States, the first being the headache. There are only a handful of persons whose pain gets resolved by itself or through medications within a period of four weeks.

But in many cases lower back pain can last for a few weeks, which can be termed as a chronic and progressive condition that tends to get worse over time. According to many health professionals, lower back pain is often caused due to strained back muscles and ligaments due to improper posture, stress, muscle spasm, heavy lifting etc.

Besides these, lower back pain can also be caused from sciatica, herniated disc, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, injury, pregnancy etc. However one should not get depressed with the occurrence of lower back pain as there are a lot of natural remedies to it:


Modalities For Lower Back Pain

Modalities includes all the techniques of therapeutic treatment. These include the applying of heat and cold, massage devices, over the counter medications etc. These therapeutic treatments give immediate relief to the lower back pain as well as potentially increase the healing process.

The simplest and the most common form of modalities are heat and cold. Both the heat and the cold applications are combined to give significant relief to the lower back pain indications. With the help of this combination sufferer gets considerable relief from the pain and substantially increases the flexibility as well as the healing process.

Strengthening And Stretching Exercise

This is the second most effective treatment for the curing of lower back pain. Strengthening exercises are considered to be crucial for the lower back pain recovery. Again certain stretches have been found to work best for the relieving of lower back pain. But in case of stretching exercises the individual should be aware of the group of muscles that are causing the back pain so that appropriate exercises are done to give the necessary relief.

Stretching Exercise For Lower Back Pain

Remedies For Lower Back Pain