Lower Back Pain Remedies

Lower back pain is known to be one of the leading reasons as to why most of the citizens of US visit the doctor. This pain is mostly caused from long time injury to nerves, muscles or bones of the spine. The abnormalities of certain parts of the body like pelvis, lung, chest, kidneys, abdomen as well as female reproductive organs can also cause lower back pain.

Besides these, constant sitting in a particular position without moving the hands and the legs for long hours can lead to lower back pain. Uncomfortable chairs with inadequate back support, lifting of heavy objects in an improper way, emotional stress, holding of breath, obesity, poor physical condition, smoking, poor posture etc can lead to the building up of tension in the spine muscles and thereby causing lower back pain. However lower back pain has various remedies and here are some of them:

Rest: Rest is considered as one of the best ways to combat lower back pain. Take rest sufficiently. Bed rest for one or two days is considered an effective as well as useful remedy for lower back pain. Again by lying on the floor with one pillow under the head and one under the knees is popularly known to ease and lessen the weight and burden of the back.

Exercise: Exercise is another useful way of back fighting back lower back pain. Various breathing exercises, certain stretching exercises and relaxation exercises are known to be extremely helpful for the curing of lower back pain. Physicians have been found to mostly recommend various exercises as a popular solution to lower back pain.

Heat therapy: Heat therapy is again a widespread remedy for the ailment. Take a heating pad or hot water bottle and apply heat to the affected area of the lower back for a period of a minimum of 30 minutes.

Ice packs: Again ice packs are known to be very useful if used for combating swelling in the lower back. Take some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and massage the area with the cloth for about 10 minutes. This cold massage will help to ease off any muscle tension.