Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering of cholesterol is thought as one of the key ways to prevent and manage cardiovascular ailments. If at all one is having high levels of cholesterol, lowering the level of cholesterol is never an easy task for such persons whether it is tried in a natural way or through alternative methods.

Lowering the level of cholesterol is thought as one of the effective ways to curb the tendency of the body towards heart attack or stroke. Although lowering of cholesterol is tough, it can be achieved. All that one need is resolution and self willpower to stick to the cholesterol lowering program.

However, there are a lot of ways by which cholesterol can be controlled naturally:

Monounsaturated fats: Some foods are rich in this type of fats like walnut, almonds, nuts, avocados, olive oils as well as canola oils. Monounsaturated fats are healthy fats and aid in the worsening of the bad cholesterols levels while at the same time assist in upholding of the good cholesterol levels. Hence the individuals having high cholesterol levels are advised to consume foods that have high monounsaturated fats.

Diet: Diet is the best natural way to lower cholesterol naturally. We are all aware of the fact that we cannot continue with such diet that advises us to cut off those food we love for a long period of time. Hence it is wise to reduce the intake of saturated fats like red meat, lamb, pork, dairy products etc.

Liver and eggs are good for health and low in saturated fats but are high in cholesterol. Hence they should be consumed in moderation.  Plenty of fruits, whole grains and vegetables should be consumed as they are good at lowering the cholesterol levels.

Exercise: Exercise is considered as one of the best ways to lower cholesterol levels. Although regular exercise is not achievable for most of us, but a little bit of such exercises on a daily basis could help us to lower the cholesterol level and help us to conduct a healthy life.

Smoking: Smoking decreases the good cholesterol level considerably thereby increasing the risk of heart as well as blood-vessel disease. Hence quit smoking.

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