Lower cholesterol with herbs

Since ancient times, use of herbs was prevalent in everyday life for various purposes – from healing headaches to digestion and lowering of fattiness. Since old days, herbs were used to address blood fat, clear internal dampness and moderate cholesterol from the body.Use of herbs in lowering cholesterol:

Alfalfa seeds: These seeds lower the thickness of lipoprotein thereby helping in curbing cholesterol. Saponin contents of the alfalfa seeds help in lesser cholesterol absorption of the body from food as well as from liver by lowering the cholesterol produced by liver.

Artichoke Supplements: Artichoke supplements are widely used to prepare herbal teas and herbal medicinal products. Artichoke leaf, taken out from globe artichoke plants lessens cholesterol levels in healthy persons who have fairly raised levels of cholesterol. This extract also reduces plasma cholesterol by reducing plasma lipid levels including entire cholesterol levels.

Barberry: Barberry is a bush that is commonly found in Europe and North America. The root, stem, bark and the fruit are all applied therapeutically. The active ingredient of barberry is berberine. 500 gms of berberine twice daily is said to have reduced cholesterol by 29% after three months.

Primrose: Evening primrose oil is used for decreasing heart diseases by reducing cholesterol and by decreasing the risk of high clotting of blood. Gammalinolenic acid found in the evening primrose which is taken as evening primrose oil has successfully shown to lower cholesterol by the same potency that any expensive cholesterol reducing medicine.

Fenugeek seed: Fabceae is the family plant of fenugreek. Several human researches have shown that fenugreek seeds have successfully lowered serum cholesterol, triglyceride, and lipoprotein in human patients. Saponins and fiber present in fenugreek works to lower cholesterol naturally. Saponins absorb cholesterol from food and reduce the cholesterol produced by liver.

Garlic: The effects of garlic in lowering cholesterol have been known since the ancient times. A fresh garlic clove each day reduces about 9 to 12 percent of body cholesterol everyday. Consumption of garlic in the meal even stops the cholesterol effects of pure butter. Not only that it has been proved recently that patients having garlic regularly have 3% reduction in the narrowing of the arteries at blockage points, while those not consuming garlic has a 16% enhancing in the narrowing of arteries.

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