Lung Cancer Treatment – Green Tea Can Help

The amazing and wonderful health benefits of green tea are not limited to just the reduction of weight for which it has gained extreme popularity all over the world.

This herb is extremely beneficial in from slowing down of aging process of the individuals to prevention of serious ailments like cancers and many heart diseases. Green tea is considered as one of the natural and alternative therapy in preventing and treating cancers.

Researches have shown that green tea is useful for individuals who have been suffering from leukemia as well as is extremely beneficial for inhibiting the cancers in colon, liver, lungs, breasts as well as prostrate.

Lung cancer is known as one of the leading causes of death among the individuals all around the globe. Though this disease affects the elderly persons, it is also found that the adults are also affected by this severe ailment. Scientists consider smoking of cigarettes as the potential cause of the rise of this ailment.

Their researches go to the extent of proving that the number of cigarettes smoked over time increases the chances of this ailment. A number of researches on green tea have shown that the polyphenols present in the green tea has the ability to restrain the growth and expansion of lung cancer cells of human beings in test tubes.

Current studies indicate that a cup of green tea on a daily basis can significantly reduce a person’s risk of lung cancer. Researches further show that the rates of cancer among the individuals are significantly lower in Asia than in other areas of the globe. This is primarily thought to be the cause of high consumption of green tea in that part of the globe.

Another study was conducted among 500 people by the researchers where the test was carried out on people on who consumed green tea, persons who smoked as well as genetic factors were also considered. This study showed that the persons who were non-smokers yet did not drink green tea had five times the risk of cancer than the ones who consumed tea. Therefore, it can be said that green tea consumption is effective for lung cancer treatment.

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