Lyme Disease Symptoms And Natural Cures

Lyme Disease Symptoms And Natural Cures

Lyme Disease Symptoms And Natural Cures

Lyme disease or borreliosis is a rising infectious disease that is caused by Gram negative spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borellia. Borellia are slow growing. The chief cause of the long delays while diagnosing Lyme disease is the greater strain diversity than formerly estimated. These strains differ in clinical symptoms as well as geographic distribution.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Symptoms: The place where the tick bites the body is where the bacteria enter the skin. At the early stages, some people have rash at the site of the tick bite. As the bacteria spreads in the skin away from the initial tick bite, the infections lead to an expanding reddish rash that is accompanied by flu-like symptoms.

Again this also happens that one out of four patients never get a rash. The redness of the skin is frequently accompanied by comprehensive fatigue, stiffness in joints and muscles, swollen lymph nodes and headache that is similar to various symptoms of virus infection. Lack of energy, headache andstiff neck, fever and chills are some other common symptoms.

Natural Cures For Lyme Disease:

Drink Water

Diet: As regards diet, it is very important that one should avoid table salt, margarine, chocolates, sugar, chlorinated water, refined salt, antibiotics, pesticides, baking powder, and junk food. One must consume plenty of water. Salt can be added liberally as a diet part. Caffeinated or alcoholic drinks should be totally avoided. Diet must include green tea, onion, garlic, ocean vegetables and fresh vegetable juices like a combination of carrots, cucumber and celery or garlic, carrots, onion, ginger etc.

Body cleansing

Body cleansing: Body cleansing is very important in the curing and prevention of lyme disease. Our internal organs hold a lot of toxins that are at most times impossible to get those toxins out without cleansing. Again, hundreds of intraheptic stones are in the liver that can block the flow of bile.


Liver cleanse help to remove the stones and the bile can flow easily. Another necessity of body cleanse is the need of cleaning of parasites. The dental cleanup is equally essential to remove the dental toxins.The psychotherapy and the physiotherapy also play a vital role in the treating of lyme disease. These therapies involve massages, heat packs and pads, simple movement exercises to relieve uneasiness. Despite full treatment of lyme disease, one cannot return to normalcy until one exercises.