Lyme Disease Treatment – How Herbs Can Help

Lyme disease is an infectious ailment that can affect all the system and parts of the body like the skin, nervous system, joints, heart and even the brain. This disease develops from a tick bite that is caused from a type of bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. Initially, this infection can occur with negligible or no symptom.

However some individuals might face flu-like symptoms or a typical rash for quite a lot of days to a few weeks just after the tick bite. Lethargy or weariness all over the body, stiff neck, inflammation of joints, pain in the muscles, headache are also some of the other symptoms of the ailment. This ailment needs to be treated at the earliest else the disease will spread to other parts of the body including the heart, nervous system as well as the brain. Here are some of the herbs that can help to treat the Lyme disease:

Aloe Vera: The juice of the Aloe Vera herb is extremely useful for the treating of the ailment. Aloe vera is not only helpful in the treating of Lyme disease but can also help in the boosting of the immune system of the body. With the consumption of the juice, the body starts to detoxify itself, which is thought as one of the vital beginning of the healing.

Echinacea: Echinacea is used for Lyme healing as lots of clinical studies have proved that this herb can successfully help to develop stamina, reduce fatigue, and boost up energy as well as improve lung and antioxidant task. Besides, this herb is extremely useful for the boosting of the immune system of an individual and can be consumed in the form of capsules, tinctures or teas.

Olive leaf extract: The leaf of this herb is extremely useful for the fighting of the Lyme disease as it is known to be a natural antibiotic. The extract of the leaf of this plant is known to possess strong antibacterial as well as antiviral properties. Hence olive leaf extract is not only useful for the fighting of Lyme disease but is also helpful in combating various other bacterial and viral infections.

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