Maintain a healthy skin during winter

The hot summer days are going and winters are approaching. Maintaining a glowing and healthy skin during winter may be a challenging task for everyone. As the intensity of sun’s rays decreases during winter, most of woman stop using moisturizing creams and applying sunscreen. They feel that during winter there is no fear of sunburn as most of our body parts are covered deep beneath the winter clothes. However, the story doesn’t go this way and a need for continuous care for the skin is felt in most of the cases. Your skin is still exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays of sun during winter and an equal degree of care is needed keep your skin healthy and glowing. Moreover a temperature difference between the outside environment and the inside the room, your skin needs a proper care.

A natural way of keeping your skin healthy during winter is to take cooler showers. Though taking cooler showers during winter may not attract you too much but it has great result in protecting your skin from the cold weather conditions. You should use a good quality moisturizer for during winter, so that your skin keeps glowing and doesn’t look dry. Due to cold weather conditions during winter a decrease in water intake per day is natural. However this has adverse result on our skin. Water in our body plays an important role in maintain healthy and pampering skin. However the reduced amount of water during winter makes our skin look dull. Hence the amount of water taken during winter should be sufficient so that it doesn’t lead to health complication like this. Apart from improving blood circulation of our body, water helps in keeping our skin hydrated and as a result our skin looks glowing whole the day.

Your eating habit and intake of vitamin and other nutrients also affect the look of your skin. You should eat a balance diet and should take care that you take sufficient vitamins necessary for your skin. Vitamins like A, B complex, C and E are necessary for maintaining a healthy skin. So, your food must contain these vitamins. The simple way of supplying these vitamins to our body is the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in our daily diet. If you have a habit of taking fast food, avoid taking too much of it. Fast foods are not very healthy stuffs and lead to a number of health complications. Thus if you want to maintain a healthy and glowing skin, you should avoid fast food.