Making the Right Choice of Cologne

How do you remember an old acquaintance? Chances are that you might remember him by that strong cologne fragrance he used to put on. Or maybe, by the unbearable sweat smell that permeated the room the moment he entered it? Either way, sense of smell played an important role. Agreed? Do you know which cologne is right for you? Or, are you among the hundreds of men who just pick up the cheapest cologne available? Considering the fact that the fragrance you wear is to stay with you for some hours and maybe, linger on even after you go, don’t you think that you need to be selecting your cologne or perfume with care?

Most of us tend to make a mistake of presuming that all perfumes and colognes smell alike. They do when inside the bottle. The moment they are sprayed on a man their fragrance changes due to factors like genetics, diet, type of skin (oily, dry, sensitive) and even habits (like smoking and drinking alcohol)! Men with oily skin need to put on lighter fragrances while men with dry skin need to dab on perfume more often (a stronger perfume is a better option). For men with sensitive skin, mild fragrances can be used.

Purchase of cologne should not be based on price alone. Agreed that you need to stay within the budget but wouldn’t it be better that you use no cologne at all than end up smelling like some sweaty socks dabbed with a strong chocolate flavour! Secondly, spraying 3-5 types of fragrances on your wrist will only confuse your sense of smell and you might land up purchasing something you never wanted in the first place. So, what’s the way out? An easy way is to spray cologne or perfume on pieces of paper to distinguish the different fragrances. You can also make your own fragrance by blending a perfume that you already have with some natural scent like cinnamon or vanilla.

Also remember to not spray your cologne just about anywhere. If you want to smell good for a longer period of time then apply it on the ‘pulse points’ (wrists, throat and sides of the neck). Be wary though of some colognes causing skin rash and even respiratory problems. Make the right choice of perfume or cologne for your body and leave that lasting impression!