Male Hair Loss – How To Deal With This Problem Easily

Hair loss is a common problem that has been affecting men for more than hundred years. Till date many people have been trying to find out a sure-fire treatment of it. However, there is nothing really effective that can cause growth of hair on the bald area. Hair is a vital feature of the human body and it contributes a lot towards the appearance of a person.

Today, hair loss has become a bigger challenge for men than women. Those who are suffering with the problem of male hair loss, normally notice almost everyday several fallen hair on their hairbrush, on the bed, or on the floor of the house. If they know the causes of hair loss then they can overcome this problem. There are some causes of the syndrome which are given below.

Causes of Male Hair Loss:

Poor nutrition is a common reason of this problem. If your body is not getting proper nutrition, hair may start falling. If you are doing excessive dieting then it may disturb the protein balance in the body, which will result in hair loss. Furthermore, if the thyroid gland becomes over or under active, loss of hair may be the result. Similarly, hair loss may occur because of the imbalance of estrogen and androgen hormone in the body.

Stresses like anxiety, worry, or unexpected shock can cause baldness in men. It also may happen after a serious surgery. If the scalp is not clean, it may result in thinning hair because bacteria infect hair roots can make hair fall. Last but not the least, smoking also increases the possibilities of baldness.

Easy Cures for Male hair Loss:

There are some easy cures to this problem. Rubbing the mixture of an egg and 6-8 drops of lemon juice is one of the best cures. You can also apply curd, mustard oil and lemon juice on your hair and wash it after half an hour. Mix amla or Indian gooseberry with coconut oil and use it on hair and scalp. It acts like a hair tonic that helps to grow hair.

The juice of alfalfa with carrot and lettuce also aids results for hair growth.Cover your hair with a hot water soaked towel for ten minutes after oil massaging as it helps in improving blood circulation, which is good for growth of hairEat fresh vegetables to enrich the amount of protein in your body and drink 10-12 glasses of water daily,

Following these tips can help you to heal the problem.