Male Hair Loss – Natural Solution

There are different causes that are commonly responsible for hair loss among men. Modern treatments have made it possible to combat the hair loss problem in a more effective and successful way. Mostly, it has been found that the men suffer from baldness due to their inherited genes.

Genetic loss of hair or alopecia is the most widespread form of male baldness. However, hormones as well as aging factors are also responsible for the male hair loss. Besides these, unknowing trauma to the scalp, reduced blood circulation in the scalp, stress, etc are also responsible for male hair loss to some extent. Natural remedies are fast gaining popularity among the individuals of the world and there are various natural remedies to male baldness as well.

Flaxseeds: With the daily intake of about 250 mg of flaxseeds in the meal, males can effectively reduce the chances of hair fall as well as increase the growth of the hair. The luster as well as the softness and shine of the hair have also been found to increase with the utilization of flaxseeds. The use of flaxseeds further decrease the oiliness of the scalp but no drying effect has been found.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy has been known since the ancient times and is used as a natural remedy for the combating of various illnesses. Male hair loss can also be prevented effectively with the help of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy helps to stimulate and relax the scalp. Take some amount of pure herbal oils and slowly massage this oil in the scalp for about 30 minutes in a gentle way. Now wash the scalp and the hair thoroughly but softly so that no damage is caused to the existing hair.

Green tea: Green tea is known to combat hair loss effectively in both males and females. The ECGC that is present in the green tea helps to stimulate the growth of the hair as well as effectively prevent the loss of hair. Green tea needs to be consumed on a daily basis in order to prevent various other ailments including cancer other than prevention of hair fall.