Male incontinence treatment with home remedies

Male incontinence is a tricky theme to introduce and in a lot of cases, it is a crisis that men endure in silence. He feels too uncomfortable to talk about it with his doctor and feel ashamed to reveal it. Inconvenience in an imperceptible problem that is brushed under the floor mat of social gathering. Incontinence can affect either the bowels or the urinary tract.

While urinary incontinence results in leakage of urine from the penis, the bowel incontinence can either lead to involuntary flatulence or involuntary bowel movements. Both the problems are undesirable and can lead to acute social embarrassment. Hence, many men are reluctant to seek any medical assistance thereby letting the situation worsen.

In general, there are three types of incontinence: i) Urge incontinence, ii) stress incontinence and iii) overflow incontinence. While urge incontinence is distinct by unexpected and unmanageable urge to urinate where one gets inadequate time to go to the bathroom prior to the start of the leakage, stress incontinence refers to the physical pressure placed on the bladder leading to the involuntary leakage of urine. Overflow incontinence results when the brain does not send proper signal of a full bladder. The result is that the bladder becomes full and cannot hold anymore urine leading to overflow and the leakage of urine.

Home remedies:

Losing weight: Carrying extra weight and fat in the abdomen region can put pressure on the bladder and stress the pelvic muscles. Hence the option lies in the reduction of fat from the abdomen by losing weight.

Smoking: Those suffering from incontinence should stop smoking as nicotine tends to irritate the bladder. Also massive smoking can lead to coughing thereby contributing to stress incontinence.

Time voiding: Time voiding is a technique that consists of eliminating or discharging fluids at certain time of the day. Time voiding may also be the planning of regular bathroom trips throughout the day.

Urge suppression: Urge suppression teaches us to extend the time between the visits to the toilet. When the brain signals that the bladder is full, it does not mean that one has to go right at that minute. It just means that the bladder is filling and one should hand on, suppress the urge and delay passing urine until the scheduled time.