Male Infertility Treatment with Natural Cures

Infertility problem is a major issue with many men. Infertility in men is subjected to lack of appropriate quantity of sperm count, trauma, and hormone disorder and so on.
There are several reasons responsible for the increasing rate of infertility, and the fast changing lifestyle and unhealthy habits are adding-up to the cause.

Are you embarrassed to discuss your infertility problems with your doctor? Do you still seek for solutions? Well, before you decide to take on medication to get rid of the problem, try some safe alternative remedies. There are some natural cures for the cause of ‘infertility’ coming to your rescue!

Natural Remedies to Treat Male Infertility

There are few fertility enhancing herbs such as Epimedium grandiflorum (Horny Goat Weed), Centella Asiatica (Gotu Cola) and Tribulus terristis (Gokshura) that promote reproductive efficiency in males.

Other than this one can take the following as measures:

Stop alcohol consumption– Consuming alcohol randomly and regularly provides serious impact on male fertility. Bring down drinking of alcohol as it severely affects the male hormone testosterones. In several tests, it has been proven that lowering the consumption of alcohol has resulted rise in the sperm count of men.

Stop smoking
– Smoking lowers sperm count and sperm mobility, thus one should try to stop smoking to prevent infertility. In addition, smoking has no good effects on health, and one stop quit the habit as fast as possible.

Lower the count of caffeine intake– Excess consumption of coffee or caffeine-rich foods is also responsible for male infertility. Lower the consumption level of caffeine products and you will get better results. Caffeine seems to make sperms sluggish so drinking less coffee will be a better idea.

Be careful about drugs- If you are under medication; be careful about the drugs you are taking. Some drugs play a pivotal role in reducing the fertility in men. Stay away from drugs as it lowers the testosterone levels. Consult your doctor before using such drugs.

Get conscious about your attire– Avoid wearing tight trousers or undergarments as it heats up sperm producing cells in the testicles resulting to lower sperm counts.

Hot tub baths- Use hot tub bath once in a blue moon as it is effective to increase male fertility.

It is advisable to reproduce at right age, if possible. After the age of 30 sperms counts drop sharply in males so one has to try to conceive before the age of 30.